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DAY PLAY: S'mores Sensory Bin

When the pandemic started, I really struggled with entertaining my daughter during the day. I'm a work-from-home mom so we typically had play groups and classes to rely on for entertainment prior to. I turned to creativity in the fall of 2020 and fell in love with creating magical experiences and pretend play concepts for my daughter. Now that I have two littles, we've really made it a tradition. Every week, we have a theme. Every morning, the dining area is transformed into something new with some activity or other laid out for them. We've had a space theme, safari, the ocean, dinosaurs, and lots of holiday-themed activities!

This is something I wanted to share on our brand as a way to inspire your day play. We love printables from The Magic Playbook and concept ideas and rentables from local company, Pitch A Fete. Both brands have played a significant role in all of our daily activities. This week, we start our CAMP theme. I'm so excited to be setting up a Pitch A Fete camp this week, complimented with printables from the Magic Playbook (MPB). To kick off camp week, I created a S'mores Sensory Bin - most purchases from Dollar Tree and printables by MPB. My 2-year-old loved making a mess with the "oatmeal sand" and snacking on the marshmellows. Would we have a SNACKtivity any other way?



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