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6 Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids

Sensory play became a big part of our days during the pandemic. Creativity and imagination were at the forefront and if I'm being honest, I've loved the experience and how much our day play has bonded us.

Our Christmas in 2020 was such a special time. I remember being so excited to finally have something magical for my children after such a BLAH year. I'm obsessed with having something exciting when my babies wake up. After that, I wondered why every day can't be like Christmas? Why can't I have something special every day for my kids to wake up to?

In 2021, we celebrated all the things. I decided to make the most of it. We didn't have many places to go at that season of our lives, but I made our home as magical as I could. Every single morning I had something laid out on the kitchen table for them. Not always super big, but always something fun. Sometimes just a sensory bin and some crafts and activities.

We had space day and went to the moon, went to Italy and made Pizzas, planted gardens, had a pretend farmers market, made Valentine's Day over-the-top, Cinco de mayo, and superheros day. Soon, every morning, our daughter started to go to the table when she woke up to see what mama made for her.

I've found so many benefits in sensory play. I've watched our 2-year-old grow and develop, learn to count, her ABC's and colors, learn to color, play and paint. Sensory play is said to benefit language skills, fine motor skills, engage the senses and have calming effects. Here are just a few of our favorite sensory ideas:



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