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5 Family Day Trips from Pittsburgh On Our Summer 2021 Bucket List

Day trips are my favorite with little ones because you can still enjoy being "away" without having to pack your entire home, as we know we have to with littles. Pittsburgh is actually fairly centralized and there are so many great hidden gems to sneak off to for a day of entertainment. I, especially, have a very active 2-year-old that needs constant entertainment so we tend to keep our family on-the-go.

  1. Keystone Safari. This year marked our very first visit to Keystone Safari and we will definitely be back. It is just an hour away from Pittsburgh so planning is fairly simple. The interactive animal adventure park was honestly such an incredible experience, even for adults. I was so excited to actually pet and feed the giraffes! Probably more excited than the kids. There is also an amazing Zipline and adventure course that would be great for kids. $15 for adults, $12 for children.

  2. Laurel Highlands - Laurel Caverns + Ohiopyle. Have lunch by the beautiful waterfalls, explore the colorful caverns and have your children name the colors that they see. This is just an hour and 30 minutes away. Definitely one of our favorite getaways for a day and is a great nature fix.

  3. Idelwild & Storybook Forest. We haven't been here this year yet but it's on our Summer 2021 bucket list! I, of course, have gone as a kid but now that I'm a parent I know it will be much more magical. All you have to say is "Daniel Tiger" and the toddlers will run for it!

  4. Cleveland, Ohio - A Christmas Story House, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Edgewood Beach. This is also on our bucket list this year. If not this summer, probably fall just as our Christmas season kicks in! I'm dying to tour the Christmas Story House and I know the Husband will love to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  5. Round Hill Park & Farm. Our family goes here every year and depending on your location it's either 45 minutes or an hour away from Pittsburgh. It's free to explore and is a great introductory park when introducing your kids to animals. They love being able to walk or RUN through it and it's a nice escape from city and suburbia.



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