The Art of Thank You Notes

Don’t forget birthdays. Hold doors. Write thank you notes. Send gifts in the mail. Send flowers. Respect your elders. Write out cards. Make guests feel welcomed. You are never too busy or too big to show others you care.

Much of our generation seems to have forgotten this. I’m not sure why or when it happened but common courtesy and etiquette is fading. We must remember how to be a friend.

Make meals. Offer a hand. Be a host. Be there for your friends when they are celebrating AND when they're hurting.

It truly is the little things. Little considerations build character. People will remember that you cared when the rest of the world was "too busy." There’s just something special about receiving handwritten notes. Can we bring it back?

Do you have a favorite stationery line? Share with us at @charissalaurenco on Instagram.

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