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RENO: Patio Design Board

We have 4 BIG projects before our forever home is complete. New yard. New roof. Finish basement. Kitchen makeover. Then, we're set for 25 years and focus on renovating homes for others!

Project #1: Deck or patio? That is the question!

We chose....PATIO! Here's my INSPO board for the design process.

When it comes to backyards, hubs and I both like minimal grass and just a nice, cozy spot for entertainment. String lights, barn fires, and cozy patio furniture. We've owned decks for a few years and the maintenance is.....a lot of maintenance. Not to mention the expense of wood right now?!

A nice patio was the long-term choice for us and we chose Pittsburgh Excavation for our new yard space. They've been great to work with!

We look forward to sharing before and after pictures of the yard space.

Deck demo begins mid-September and total project time is approx.. 10 days.

What is your dream backyard?



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