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Prepping Your House to Sell Checklist

Within the last year, we have been renovating our charming 5-level home little by little. Recently, we decided to sell and purchase a 2-level open concept. As we are entering the real estate business, studying for the exam, and absorbing all their is to know about the industry, we figured, why not use ourselves as guinea pigs? Renovate. Sell. Buy. This is exactly what we will be doing for others. Buying. Renting. Flipping. It certainly helps that we had first-hand experience in the world of renos and now selling and buying!

Since we're going through the process, I wanted to share your checklists for prepping your house to sell and your home showing checklist.

Prepping Your House for Selling

  1. Declutter and Clean, making it feel roomy! If you don't have the time to commit, hire a good cleaning company.

  2. Depersonalize your home. Remove family photos, any religious association, controversy artwork etc.

  3. Paint where needed. Any bright colors, go neutral! Always touch up your base boards if applicable. Neutral colors always sell most.

  4. Stage and make it feel homey! Natural candles, a candy jar on the counter, a bottle of champagne. Little details go a long way.

  5. Prepare a repair list and tackle the must-haves. This also helps prepare you should anything come up in the inspection.

Home Showing Checklist

  • Spot check rooms for clutter or dirt

  • Vacuum or sweep

  • Wipe down sinks and faucets

  • Clean kitchen countertops

  • Empty the trash

  • Secure your valuables

  • Put away pet dishes

  • Sweep your front porch

  • Open curtains and shades

  • Turn on the lights

  • Play soft music



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